14 Nov 2017

TerraForms Terrain, News

Yeah I've really been slacking on updates. I'm terrible at this whole communication thing.

Okay, so some info that got put out to the backers on Kickstarter that can be relayed here:

Long story short, lots of issues that had kept me from things. Family health issues, personal health issues, and a bunch of other stuff that all conspired to set me back further.

Had a backer donate a significant sum of money to help keep things moving and get kits into backers' hands, chooses to remain anonymous but a huge thanks to them!

That spurred me into action, and I've pursued some credit and financing that will allow me to set up my own facility and equipment. Some of the folks that began this project with me have left me high and dry, and showed some true colors. That's fine, I will continue to pursue this project. I still have my passion for gaming, my passion for this terrain, and my desire to give something to my fellow gamers. I'm willing to put myself out there to keep this thing going.

I still have stacks of notebooks with new ideas for great terrain, as well as the stuff still swimming around in my brain that I want to get on to. Step one is to get the Kickstarter finished out and get stock on shelves so people aren't waiting months and months for their product. I'm getting equipment purchased and having some construction done over the next few weeks to get the facility ready. Materials will be en route and casting will resume full time shortly thereafter.

My most humble apologies to those of you who have had to wait this long for your kickstarter orders, and those of you who have been waiting for a web store to open up to place your orders. Thank you so much for your patience, I hope you too will be as happy with the product as the majority of backers who have already received their kits!

TerraForms Terrain Link no longer working

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