Thursday, 30 November 2017

The wait is almost over! "Panzerkrieg Volume 1"

The wait is almost over! "Panzerkrieg Volume 1"

The wait is almost over! The Australian shipment of "Panzerkrieg Volume 1" has arrived and orders are being despatched. The shipment bound for the US is still at sea but is due to land shortly. We had hoped to start dispatching the books in mid-November but a production issue delayed our schedule.

The printer inserted the endpapers in the wrong order, meaning the front endpaper (with map and signature box) was at the back, and vice versa. This was unacceptable, so the entire print-run had to be fixed with a new cover and endpapers. The final result, however, is spectacular. Just wait until the book is in your hands! As the US shipment has not yet arrived, we've decided to extend the pre-publication offer for everyone, so if you haven't yet ordered a copy, hop on over to our website:

Leaping Horseman Books

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