8 Nov 2017

News from Hawk Wargames

We wanted to release an update to keep everyone in the loop on what's happening and so, here it is!

We've had our feet under the table now for a couple of weeks and we are starting to see our relaunch getting nearer! New master resin moulds are being sorted to make a full range of production moulds. Dave is busying away doing what he does best and coming up with fantastic new models while making finishing touches to the 2.0 rules (which loads of our staff are jumping at the chance to playtest)!

We have good news! We're in the process of fulfilling all outstanding Hawk orders and will begin shipping them next week after we've set about casting the missing stock.

A lot of people have been messaging asking why we didn't take the show only models to Crisis with us (and make them available on the website over the weekend like we do with our other ranges). The answer is that we are putting Kickstarter rewards and existing orders at the front of our work queue and it didn't feel right to make extra sales rather than fulfilling existing ones!

So the other good news is that we want to give everyone another chance to get the event exclusive models. We have decided that over the weekend when we relaunch Hawk products for sale on the TTCombat webstore we will make the show models available as part of the relaunch party. They will be gone again on the Monday though! An exact date for this will follow soon. When we know, you'll know.

We are also working on the Talon programme and will be relaunching this in 2018. Talon points earned up to now will of course be honoured!

Regarding releases, there is some info on that too! The end of this month will see the Fleet Boxes released (at last!). We have a Commander for each faction in Dropzone, they will make an appearance in January. Then in 2018 we'll see Dropfleet Monitors, Destroyers and Dreadnoughts join the fray alongside the launch of DZ 2.0! A busy few months lie ahead! Attached is a SNIPpet (ha!) of one of the coming commanders. Whole reveal coming soon!

Over and out!


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