30 Nov 2017

Ancient Warfare XI.5, Jan-Feb 2018

Ancient Warfare XI.5 with Riding into battle

Horse cavalry has long played a role in warfare. But other, more exotic mounts were also used in the ancient world.

Theme: Riding into battle

Evan Schultheis, 'Historical introduction - Riding into history'.
Dr. Jan Eschbach, 'Roman dromedary troops - Patrolling the desert frontier'.
Robert C.L. Holmes, 'Anti-war-elephant tactics and stratagems - Bane of behemoths'.
Paul McDonnell-Staff, 'The Battle of Thapsus, 46 BC - Final fight with elephants'.
Murray Dahm, 'Running with the horses - The Hamippoi'.
Valentine J. Belfiglio, 'Veterinary services in the Roman army - Keeping the horses fit'.

Michael Livingston and Myke Cole, 'The Paullus Monument & The Battle of Pydna - Physical sources'.
Joseph Hall, 'The tombstone of Q. Atilius Primus - A man of many talents'.
Tacticus, 'Tekne Taktike, part V - Pila on the battlefield'.
Duncan B. Campbell, 'Who were Hyginus' Vexillarii?'.

Ancient Warfare

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