10 Nov 2017

Spitfyre: Orc Defier Wyvern Funded

Well that was an exciting day! You funded the first Spitfyre supplement Bats over Tôrg Baraz, the KriegAdler 110 Doppelmesser heavy fighters  and P11 War-Bat fighters that come with it and also the Defier Wyvern fighter with its unique rear facing weaponry - and one Defier will now be included for FREE in all ACE pledges!

Orc Defier fighter - now funded!

So what next, well it's back to the Gnomes Aéronautique de Oiseuax Militaire and their frontline, but rather slow and obsolete, Pigeon de Guerre bomber, whose brave crew flew missions in both the Tôrg Baraz and Branzhûm air campaigns as well as in defence of their homeland.

Gnome Pigeon de Guerre bomber

If we can reach £8,000 in pledges we will include one Pigeon de Guerre bomber for FREE in each ACE pledge. Sacre bleu!

Hysterical Games

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