10 Nov 2017

Blitzkrieg Commander News from Pendraken Miniatures

Blitzkrieg Commander News from Pendraken Miniatures

Just to update everyone, I travelled over to Burnley on Tuesday night and spent Wednesday with Forum member sultanbev, who writes the MicroMark army lists. With the help of his extensive library, we worked through all of the lists and tidied up any queries, so we can draw a line under those now.

Next up is the rules queries themselves. So far we've not been able to assemble a group of people to work through these with, so currently we're going to have to do it online unfortunately. This method will still work, but it drags out the timescales as we'll need to wait for people to reply and respond to each point raised. I'm still exploring the options for a group session, so I'll update if we manage to sort that out.

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