9 Nov 2017

Spitfyre: New Pledge Level and Supplement Announced

As promised here is details of the first Spitfyre supplement - Bats Over Tôrg Baraz!

The core of the supplement will be a set of campaign rules along with a scenario generator, but we will also look at the air campaign over, and under(!) the mountains of the Troglodyte homeland of Tôrg Baraz.

Like the basic game this will come with seven models - a flight of three KriegAdler 110 Doppelmesser heavy fighters (that have a two man crew allowing forward and rear firing) and a flight of four P11 War-Bat fighters manned by the Troglodytes. (please note the artwork is placement art and will be changed once our concept artists catch up with your enthusiasm!)

After that we have three planned stretch goals for more free models that will ONLY included in the ACE pledge level.

The models from this supplement AND in the Pilot pledge can be used in both the Tôrg Baraz and Branzhûm air campaigns.

As we hadn't planned the first Spitfyre supplement until later next year, we will be unable to ship this until later in the year and are looking at a June fulfilment date.

Hysterical Games

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