11 Nov 2017

Spitfyre: Gnome Pigeon de Guerre funded!

Well that's the Gnome Pigeon de Guerre caught and one will be sent to all Ace pledgers for free!

Pigeon de Guerre - one free to all Aces!

Next up something special, the big cousin of the KampfKondor 111 bomber, the KampfKondor 52 with its impressive 15cm wingspan, used by the Dwarves in all theatres of the Great Dwarven War to transport Fallschirmjäger troops into battle, most famously against the Gnome fortress at Edam Emmental...

The giant KampfKondor 52

The model will come complete with a section of Fallschirmjäger mounted on its back ready to deploy into battle against the Kaiser's enemies, providing you successfully escort it through the enemy's fighter defences!

All Ace pledges will receive one massive KampfKondor 52 for free if we reach £10,000 in pledges. The rules will also be extended to include the huge beast and how to land it amongst the enemy!

Hysterical Games

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