26 Nov 2017

Chaos Risk

Chaos Risk

Chaos Risk, Risk has been a staple of the board gaming scene since it's original debut in 1957, and alongside Monopoly it's seen more variations and reskins that any other product available. But have you ever wished it were a bit more . . . insane?

Chaos Risk is a free downloadable supplement for Risk, a tactical board game produced by Hasbro. As such it requires a standard (sometimes referred to as ‘classic’ or ‘traditional’) copy of the game that features the 42 territories divided into 6 continents.

Chaos Risk is not an officially licensed Risk game, and was developed as a free supplement to an official, boxed version of the game. It has been produced and distributed digitally by Cascade Studios at no profit under their ‘Print and Play’ range of games as a high-resolution PDF document.

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