14 Feb 2020

Update from Traders Galaxy

Its Saturday morning here in oz. the sun is shining and I staring down the barrel of a full days work mowing the jungle and prepping some orders.

It was announced last week that there is a kickstarter coming for Bot War. I am hoping to start this in late April.

What are the details?

I have deliberately kept the kickstarter really simple. I am planning on just 2 levels and no pledge manager.

My thoughts are that you all either want the items or you don't.

My goal is only 100-200 backers depending if backers want one product or two. Its totally true that i have never run a kickstarter before. However i have delivered so far on every preorder. In fact the early Bot War business model was built on preorders.

Furthermore, I already have a fully established process for delivering products and the outsourcing of my products, can now cope with massive orders quite easily.

So all the back of house work has been put in place and tested over this last year.

So here are the basic details of what the kickstarter is about.

The first item will be the “Bot War Miniature Game”. Effectively this would be third edition but we have decided to wipe that slate clean on naming conventions.

So what does this mean?

Well importantly the core mechanics will not be changing. However, as the new book is almost completed I can confirm some new things, some of which I have alluded to in recent other posts.

- a massive 40 page background section - all the background rewritten and in one place. All factions with detailed info and character bios for all models in the box. The conflict focuses on the enmity between omen and hotwheel.
- interactive terrain rules, both for city buildings and regular terrain features- this terrain greatly enhances certain troop types such as infantry in certain situations making the table you are playing on quite important.
- changes from companions to upgrades - making these more variable. Initially each faction will have 3 each in the book.
- clarifications on super abilities and one additional super ability specifically for non bots.
- changes and updates to the special rules section
- at least 2 extra scenarios

The game will come with 12 miniatures which are all new updates and exclusive to the box. Characters we know

Valiants -

Neptune(mech) (baron neptune)
Barracuda unit
Kraken tank
Posiedon tank

Dice and cube set
Tape measure

The second tier would be the Deceiver faction

Sloth (tbc)

Both of these will be the two main products on the Kickstarter. And yes there will be an awesome limited edition kick starter only model given free for early backers.

After these, for every $2000 over the $20000 goal. Every backer will receive another resin model. This could be current metal models resculpted into resin or most likely brand new models.

These would start with -
New Hardball
New Heatsink
New Fourbyfour
But finish with the infesters current range for example.

So why do i need to kickstart?

The kickstarter is for two reasons. First it has become necessary to update the rules and solidify the background now that all 10 factions are out there. Second, i want to complete the process of outsourcing manufacturing in a large chunk so i can focus more time on reaching out to retail stores, studio, sourcing additional supportive products and marketing.

When would I expect to deliver? At this stage i am giving this 12 months to land at your doorstep from the start. However, like always ill keep everyone up to date via a website page, the TG FB page and this group.

I am sure you all understand that this is a huge step. If successful this will boost Traders Galaxy and Bot War to the next level.

How can you help? Easy, please just continue to support the game through your purchases, playing the game, and spreading the news.

I thank you in advance for all your valued support.

Cheers, Ant

Additionally, between March and until this is delivered the current starter is in the process of changing. The current models in the starter are, as i type this, being made into resin. The current 2nd ed starter will be re-released in April.

Traders Galaxy

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