15 Feb 2020

What Scale from Hydra Miniatures

What Scale from Hydra Miniatures

What scale are the Atomic Tank miniatures?

When we first began prototyping Atomic Tank, we were going to use 6mm miniatures.  I have an extensive collection of Epic 40K and my creative partner John David Douma has an incredibly well-painted collection of OGRE miniatures also in 6mm.  However, we quickly found that the Atomic Tank 6mm figures lacked a lot of the pulp aesthetic at that scale.

We wanted to keep them as small as possible but still retain details and eventually settled on 10mm/12mm (1:144) as it gave us the best compromise between small size and big detail. Smaller miniatures such as minibots can still be reasonably represented in this scale.  Some people are bummed we didn't go with 15mm, but we felt that the models would be too large.  The Galacteer Atomic Tank would have been 4" in 15mm scale--a little too big for our tastes.

We are really getting close to getting a clean set of core rules for Atomic Tank. New miniatures are in the works.  Stay patient, cadets!

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