11 Feb 2020

Project Update #9: 10mm Vampire Vikings, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

Project Update #9: 10mm Vampire Vikings, Kickstarter from Cromarty Forge

1st production models are in! and 2nd request for indications of what you are after.

The picture below is the initial production run of the Vikings!

Scotia Grendal have done an amazing job delivering these models, and letting me mark the middle of the campaign with this exciting milestone: Here the project translates from work done to create and show you the product, to work being done to deliver it.

I will make two more orders for this campaign, the next will be made in the last week of the campaign, based on the total funding level and the information you have provided whilst the campaign is still live (more below). The last order will be made once I have all the campaign surveys in.

So far I have received  indications of what people will be ordering that cover roughly 25% of the funding of the project. If you can drop me a message or a comment outlining roughly what you will be looking for it would be very helpful. Its only an indication, there is no problem with changing your mind when you make your final order, it just really helps me make the 2nd batch of models larger, and the 3rd batch smaller (which means I can send minis out sooner :-)

Now I'm going to grab a cup of tea, my reading glasses, a good audio book, and several hundred grip seal bags, bring on the packing!



Over 20kg of Viking Goodness

Over 20kg of Viking Goodness

Cromarty Forge

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