20 Feb 2020

10mm Confederate ACW, Kickstarter from Lancer Miniatures

10mm Confederate ACW, Kickstarter from Lancer Miniatures

At long last a favourite of mine ACW. Its been on the back burner for a few years now but I have waited till I could dedicate time and money and concentrate on getting it right.

I have got my sculptor to create different poses to my Napoleonics as I wanted a more action looking range, more in keeping with 28mm than 10mm, and I think he has done a cracking job. The pledge is a heavily discounted army, as a thank you for your confidence in myself and Julie.


The guys in charge


12pdr Napoleon and crew

The men who make it happen

The range will be expanding to include skirmishers, cavalry, mounted and dismounted, more Artillery and more Generals and of course more exotic units.

Thank You from Kieven and Julie

Risks and challenges
Risks and Challenges, well there shouldn't be any. Martin has made masters for me for eight years now, and mould making and casting is all in house. In the past pledges have been posted within weeks of the kickstarter finishing

Lancer Miniatures

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