4 Feb 2020

10mm German/Landsknecht Offiziersstab (Leaders), Kickstarter from Warmonger Miniatures

10mm German/Landsknecht Offiziersstab (Leaders), Kickstarter from Warmonger Miniatures

Help us fund the molding and casting of another 10mm German Landsknecht unit sculpted by the talented Bob Naismith.

Warmonger Miniatures is running our ninth Kickstarter. Help us add this one to our list of success stories.

In a nutshell, I'm a Warmaster gamer who's after a Dogs of War army where I don't have to worry about out-of-production models, conversions and size differences between ranges. 10mm Landsknechte fit the bill here, plus they could find a home in an Empire or historical army as well.

The Miniatures

This Kickstarter is for a German/Landsknecht Offiziersstab (Leaders) pack:

German/Landsknecht Offiziersstab (Leaders)

The pack will include:

1 General
an alternate Knight Champion and Banner Bearer
an alternate Rider Champion and Banner Bearer
3 Hero types
1 Paymaster type
4 Musician and Banner Bearer strips (including one new sculpt)

Banner/Block/Battery Pledge Levels

Because this is sort of the last thing for the army, I've added some multi-unit pledge levels. Each of these includes 4 units, the Offiziersstab (Leaders) pack, and enough bases for everything.

Stretch Goals

$650 – A free "Battle Wizard Type" will be sculpted and added to each Offiziersstab (Leaders) pack
$800 – A free "War Priest Type" will be sculpted and added to each Offiziersstab (Leaders) pack
$1500 – A "Da Vinci Flying Wingsuit" unit will be sculpted and made available for purchase separately


You can order other Warmonger Miniature units as well at their normal price. Simply indicate what you're after on the reward survey you're sent after the Kickstarter has been funded. I'll invoice you for these additional units along with the shipping (see below).


Once the units are ready to be shipped I will invoice you for an additional fee to cover postage. Please note that these are estimates. I was liberal when calculating the weight of the units so hopefully they won't be higher. Add-ons will affect the cost of postage.

United States

$4.00 for 1 to 4 units.
$7.50 for 5 to 32 units.
$14.50 for 33 or more units.

Rest of the World

$15 for 1 to 4 units.
$24 for 5 to 22 units.
$37 for 23 to 54 units.
$60 for 55 or more units.

Risks and challenges

The characters are sculpted and a master mold has been cut. If this Kickstarter fails to be funded I will just have to produce them at a later date (after I've recouped some of the costs from other sales).

In terms of a time-frame, I figure production molding and casting in February/March and shipping in April/May. If that changes you'll be seeing an update from me here.

Warmonger Miniatures

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