5 Feb 2020

Announcement from Traders Galaxy

Announcement from Traders Galaxy

Hey All, I just thought I would give an obvious heads up on a few things.

I have spoken to my Chinese suppliers and they have both confirmed that the Chinese Government has told them to not yet return to work until at least the 9th of Feb. Maybe 17th. This is because of the Corona Virus stuff (please no comments about this on this group).

For us, this means that Beastlords now look more likely for early April. Furthermore, the order that contains the dice, new custom game tokens and clear bases are also delayed until March, perhaps mid March. For locals to me this could mean the difference as to whether Traders Galaxy attends Briscon or not.

I am unsure as to whether the Chinese Government will extend the delays or not and I will certainly update immediately if I get further info. My contacts are optimistic for 9th of February. I am thinking 17th.

I would certainly advise picking up Starter Set asap from one of my valued Stockists while stocks last as they could be out of stock until April!

Bot War is available at the following Stockists

Discover Games Georgia
Nobleknight Games Wisconsin
Firestorm Games Uk
Alphaspel Games in Sweden

In regards to current non game out of stock items.
They are a few different reasons for out of stock items and in the interest of transparency please see the list below.

Terror Dread Panic (mould damaged) - this set will be replaced later this year with the Dissenters set.

Megatyrant, Sorrow, Anger (mould damaged) - this set will be replaced later this year with the Dissenters set for Sorrow and Anger. Megatyrant is having a small uplift and tweak and will be released as a single resin model later this year.

Destructor, Redward and Lazorwing - this set is being phased out. All these characters will eventually be updated.

Apax, Doubleback, Dustwind (mould damaged) - this set is still currently available but will soon be limited and then unavailable as the mould has broken. All of these models will still be in the game however will be updated with new models in the future.

Broadsword - this model will be back in stock soon

Warduke - this model will be back in stock in a limited capacity in metal. This model will eventually be recast in resin.

Destroyer - Destroyer is ordered in batches of 24 before reordering. Currently the caster is undergoing an upgrade of his facilities in order to speed up the casting. It’s likely that preorders for the next batch will go up late this month. Once again it’s just 24 models.

City Buildings - these are currently on hold until the full batch numbers are received. These have been resculpted with thinner wall sections as the casting cost was way too high to be able to deliver the buildings at any decent price or margin. Its highly likely I will also have some ruined versions done as well and have all cast via a different process out of a slightly different material. This should significantly reduce the cost and therefore the price.

Game kit - this is simply out of stock because of dice.

Buddy Bundle - this set is discontinued and was a January only limited offer.

As discussed all current characters will remain however some will certainly be updated.

Traders Galaxy

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