17 Feb 2019

Thank You For Your Support from Traders Galaxy

I thought I would take this chance to thank you for your support.

Thank You For Your Support

Thank You For Your Support

As you may already know my company Traders Galaxy is just a one man side show. I say side show because I also work a full time job and do Traders Galaxy in the evenings and weekends mostly.

Every now and then I get some very valued help from Mr Aidan Spittles. Obviously, also I could not do it at all without my wife and kids who keep life in operational order.

It would be great to get your feedback on the game and miniatures so I can continually improve them. The first edition rulebook has had almost 100 downloads so I would be very keen to know if everyone is actually playing the game and if so, what they think of it? Pics or battle reports would be great!

Likewise it would be good to hear about the models. Especially for those not used to assembling metal models. As someone who has always preferred metal it is difficult to get in the plastic only mindset.

How are people going on terrain? Are you finding terrain for the scale easy to source?

What about your friends and game clubs? How are they receiving the game? What is their feedback?

How is everyone going with the download rulebook format? I will be making 2nd
Edition more print friendly for sure.

Finally, does anyone have any thoughts for what limited edition models I should release for March and April? I was thinking that April’s limited edition set would contain only 6 heads.

It would be great to hear everyone’s comments especially those who have never commented before. The more contributors to this group the better the game and models will become :)

Cheers -Ant

Traders Galaxy

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