14 Feb 2019

Medieval Warfare IX-1, Apr-May 2019

Medieval Warfare IX-1, Apr-May 2019

Now at the printer, issue IX-1 of Medieval Warfare revisits a major topic we've covered in the past: the Battle of Agincourt. If you are looking for thorough coverage of the battle from back to front, be sure to check out our 2015 special issue. However, in IX-1, we present a new analysis by historian Michael Livingston, who provides an alternative location for the famous battle. An additional examination of the French battle plan is given by noted scholar Kelly DeVries. If you're a fan of Agincourt, you won't want to miss this issue!

Theme: The Battle of Agincourt revisited

Randall Moffett, 'The English man-at-arms at Agincourt - Fully armoured'.
Michael Livingston, 'Finding a missing battlefield - Where was the Battle of Agincourt fought?'.
Kelly DeVries, 'It is advised that there should be a large "battle" - The French battle plan at Agincourt'.


William E. Welsh, 'A much less successful sequel - The crusade of 1101'.
Steven Muhlberger, 'Taking the castle of Thurie - Stories from a knightly drinking party'.
Ilana Krug, 'Military provisioning during the Great Famine - "Alas! I die from hunger!"'.
Kay Smith and Ruth R. Brown, 'Modern testing of a medieval weapon - Arrows and arrowheads'.
Terri Barnes, 'The intrigue of the female warrior - Lagertha, Joan of Arc, and Matilda of Tuscany'.
Peter Purton, 'Military engineers in the middle ages - Castle builders and castle breakers'.
Murray Dahm, 'Non-military films of the medieval world - In civilian garb'.

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