10 Feb 2019

Friday Evening, Kickstarter from Apocalypse Miniatures

I reckon we can kickstarter these minis starting next Friday evening - kickstarter will last 2 weeks - dead simple and straight forward.

Apologies for its delay but completely out of my hands plus i would rather make sure everything is ready to go and you folks are not let down.

With that in mind i will attempt to get pledges out within 4 weeks. Depending on its success i could add stretch goals for further poses, but let's just get the first batch past the target and we can go from there.

Start spreading the news i'll start pushing on lead adventure and TMP. Anyone know of any other good 10mm forums it would do well on please give me a nudge or feel free to share posts.

Thanks again for your patience - TO BATTLE!!!

Apocalypse Miniatures

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