8 Feb 2019

Miniature Wargames 431, March 2019

Miniature Wargames 431, March 2019

On the cover – with an evocative piece of artwork – we an American War of Independence double feature with Kings Mountain. This has rules plus a scenario and – if that wasn’t revolutionary enough – we have Command Decision the Race to the Dan River February 1781 by Jon Sutherland.

Forward Observer
With reports on releases by North Star; Offensive Miniatures; Tiny Terrain; Perry Miniatures and more!

Send Three and Fourpence
In answer to last month’s ‘how not to write a wargame scenario’, Conrad Kinch gives us Alma for Command & Colours.

Kings Mountain
Developing a set of rules to fight battles in the AWI plus a scenario.

Command Decision
AWI part 2: Race to the Dan River February 1781. It’s Command Decision by Jon Sutherland.

Cobrar mambises!
Scenarios for the Ten Years War in 19th century Cuba.

Fantasy Facts
The usual sensor scan of the latest products in F&SF gaming from GZG; North Star; Corvus Belli; Osprey and more!

The Woods
A new approach to fantasy gaming with a scalable system - and a sheep rustling scenario!

Creating Nightstalkers
An in-depth look at this great range of fantasy miniatures with an interview with the manufacturer.

A short guide to using the 3D package Tinkercad to customise and Print a 3D model.

Tigers at Minsk
Using a hex based system for the WWII Eastern front.

Surviving Stalingrad
And - still on the Eastern front - setting the scene for this titanic struggle

15 Reviews of books to consider for the coffee table of any discerning wargamer!

Wargames Widow
An Unexpected Site: The Wargames Widow is in Darkest Africa!

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