28 Feb 2019

Project Update #2: Kickstarter for 10mm Demon Infantry Miniatures from Black Gate Miniatures

The art for three of the stretch goals has arrived!

Really fantastic stuff again from Christian.

I am sure you will agree that this concept art is first class. It really is worth the expense to get original art done. I love the process of seeing the miniatures come to life, from the initial discussions, through the art, the sculpting and final the magic of spin casting. The 10mm Demons are coming!

Going to have to get the beastmaster sculpted, as he is too good a figure not to. It will be included as an additional free extra miniature in the Demonic Hounds pack, so the 12 hounds (3 of each sculpt) plus a free beastmaster for £7.50 a unit.

Looking forward to the next piece of art coming in, this really is one of the best bits of the process.

Demon Hounds, Chariots & Flyers

Demon Hounds, Chariots & Flyers

Demons forever!


Black Gate Miniatures

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