26 Feb 2019

Bot War 2nd - What New from Traders Galaxy

Bot War 2nd - What New from Traders Galaxy

Bot War Second Edition - What changes to expect

So importantly the core mechanics for Bot War are not changing. Energy cubes and activations are staying as they are.

New rules -

There are new rules for transports. How they work with infantry etc.

New rules for model classifications. This includes units and infantry.

About 10-20 new Special Rules

3 new scenarios

Fluff elements to help background the game

Some of the biggest changes are quite subtle. For example removing the “Always counts as long range” from the Air Support Super Ability makes models with Air Support very dangerous indeed. Especially in multiples.

Adding maximum range 18” to dedicated flyers stops the backboard shuffle to an extent.

These small changes to existing rules make the game a little more brutal in my opinion.

Infantry rules have changed quite a bit as I was originally limited in how these behave. We can all accept that alone single infantry should be no match for a Bot. But in groups this changes things up a lot.

Infantry have 3 sizes now. Sections, Squads and Platoons. These are different base sizes. On the whole infantry sections have been downgraded a lot. They can’t even claim objectives unless there are 3 of them. However team infantry together and the focus fire rule is nasty. Easily able to deal damage to any Bot. Still they are a little squishy and they don’t move that fast.

Transports can help the movement but like everything in Bot War there is a balance of risk and reward. Lose the transport, lose the infantry. Same goes for hosting cassettes as well by the way.

The Special Rules and Companion/Upgrades in Bot War are where many characters get their flavour. And there are a lot of these.
Melee weapons are quite desirable now but it all Special Rules are good and beneficial. Some like “Inventor” can make you powerful or a pauper for instance.

As with all rules. It’s about balance. A fair few ideas didn’t make it because of balance. I like to write rules in a way that players must measure risk vs reward in choices. Also I removed “weapon upgrades” because I felt it was just too many choices however I may add these in later down the line as the game is more established and people are more used to it.

Anyway I’ll load the new rules onto the site this week. I hope you enjoy playing Bot War Second Edition.

Traders Galaxy

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