26 Feb 2019

New Townhouse & Rendered Wall Sections from Battlescale Wargame Buildings

So there’s a couple of new 10mm items due to be released soon. The next European Townhouse piece is ready for moulding.

European Townhouse #4 10B030

European Townhouse #4 10B030 picture 1

European Townhouse #4 10B030 picture 2

Rendered townhouse with Dormer windows and window shutters. Suitable for various wargaming eras.

Length : 45mm
Width : 55mm
Height : 55mm (to roof apex)

A perfect companion piece to our European Townhouse #1, 2 & 3.

And there’s a set of Urban rendered wall sections currently being worked on.

Rendered Wall Sections

Rendered Wall Sections


  1. That building was just screaming for shutters! Nicely done!