7 Sept 2018

WSS command pack "A", French style from Van Dyck Models

So these are the flag bearers for our "War of the Spanish Succession" command pack that was announced earlier. The command pack is now complete and holds ten different figures. For one month however we will ship all command packs with two additional drummers, so until the 7th of October this command pack will hold four officers, four drummers and four flag bearers. Production starts this week so please notice all orders placed now will be shipped on the 17th of September.

WSS command pack "A", French style.

WSS command pack "A", French style picture 1

WSS command pack "A", French style picture 2

WSS command pack "A", French style picture 3

Although you can use them for other nations as well, the figures in this pack are best suited for the French regiments. They have been made to the best of my ability and knowledge of the time period. I found no evidence for French officers to wear sashes for example, so the officers shown here don't have a sash. Also notice the flag pole pikes, they are topped with a French "fleur de lice".
We will also release "British" and "Dutch" style of infantry and the command packs to go with them. They are in preparation.

Van Dyck Models

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