5 Sept 2018

TB Line Middle Age Europe Now Available from Pendraken Miniatures

It's taken us some time to start getting the TB-Line ranges back into production, mainly due to all of the production moulds needing to be replaced.  We're making progress now and the first to appear is the Middle Age Europe range!

This lot consists of just 3 codes but they're very nice sculpts and quite useful items as well, covering knights on foot, armed peasants and peasant archers.  The figures match up very well to our own, with only 0.5mm difference in the height and a slightly slimmer style to the sculpts.  We've not made any changes to the sculpts but they have been cleaned up for the new moulds and are much crisper castings.

TB Line Middle Age Europe

TB-178   Knights on foot (30)   £5.50

TB-178   Knights on foot

TB-179   Armed peasants (30)   £5.50

TB-179   Armed peasants

TB-180   Peasants with bow (30)   £5.50

TB-180   Peasants with bow

We hope you like them!

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