6 Sept 2018

Pre-order Titania Pattern Condor from TTCombat

This item is exclusive and won't be available online again until 2019!

This item is on pre-order to be released on September 21st 2018. If your order contains any pre-order items, the entire order will not ship until they are released

Titania Pattern Condor

Titania Pattern Condor picture 1

Titania Pattern Condor picture 2

Titania Pattern Condor picture 3

Recently, the Titania Aerospace Corporation has expanded aggressively, with designs on supplanting Ferrous Motor's pre-eminence, spearheaded by their Condor-AV program.

This brutal-looking variant manoeuvres similarly but has superior range, combat ceiling and avionics. Field trials have proved encouraging, fuelling speculation that the AASC may order as many as 50,000, their largest single procurement since the start of the Reconquest.

The Titania Pattern Condor flies out of the Colonies and onto the battlefield! This new alternate re-imagining of the classic Condor brings a bulkier design similar to the UCM's ground units.

Cast in resin, this new design is easier to build and more sturdy, yet still retains the usability of the older pattern. This uncompromising looking design just goes to show what happens when Dave is given free reign to revisit older designs!

Resin miniature supplied unpainted and unassembled with a clear acrylic base.


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