26 Sept 2018

Project Update #4: CAV: Strike Ops III, Kickstarter from Talon Games

So we will start this update off with a bit of a mea culpa. We plan these thing over and over and think we have it all figured out but alas, sometimes it just doesn't line up as intended. We always build in a little extra here and there to help with these unknown factors. So, since we have a lower backer count at the moment then we had accounted for, I can cut some back to help with these first levels (and boost the base Core Rewards) to will help the excitement level! See I do listen! :)

So on to the rest of the cool things! First off, lets add some new models to the Core Set right now! Reinforcements incoming!!!

Add On Core Force Bonus

The Warhawk is a design the Templars "borrowed" from the Terrans and updated the weapon load-out with better guns and missiles. Since it shares the same chassis as the Starhawk V, we are adding a weapons sprue so you can build either model type!

The Malvern Obake is an all-new design for a kick-ass fire support model!

Let's keep it going by going ahead and opening up the paint sets. You know we are going to do them anyway, so let's DO IT!!!

Add On Special Faction Paint Set

As noted the stretch goals after $38k have been lowered a bit and since we have opened up the paint, we will throw a couple of new models into the mix...time to go muddin' with the Templar Mamba (new design) and the Malvern Nomad!

Pledge Reward $46000

Pledge Reward $54000

Pledge Reward $65000

Pledge Reward $77000

Pledge Reward $91000

So, how's that for an update? A whole LOT OF STOMP for sure! And for those wondering about the dropship...its the very last thing we will roll towards the end of the campaign and will be added as a $75 REWARD OPTION, provided that the Stretch Goal for it is reached when offered. So yes it's coming...but all in good time!



Talon Games

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