21 Sept 2018

New 19th Century Italian flags from Pendraken Miniatures

While we're busily moulding up new ranges, Tony Hughes has been working hard on some new flagsheets for our recent 1849-1866 Italian range!  There's not a great deal of info available for some of these but Tony's done a lot of work to make sure that these are as accurate as possible.

1849-66 Italians

PNFL712   1848 Piedmont flags

PNFL712   1848 Piedmont flags

PNFL713   1861 Piedmont flags

PNFL713   1861 Piedmont flags

PNFL714   Papal/Naples flags

PNFL714   Papal/Naples flags

PNFL715   Garibaldini flags

PNFL715   Garibaldini flags

All priced at £2.50 per sheet

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