20 Oct 2016

Stretch Goals Changed from Black Gate Miniatures

After the success of yesterday, and the unlocking of the Armoured Warriors, I have reworked the budget to allow some of the stretch goals to be split off and brought forward.

The new list of Stretch Goals is

£2,500 - Cannoneers

£3,000 - Ogre Chieftain

£3,500 - Mammoth Riders

£4,000 - Character Mammoth Riders

I am also going to put an add-on price of £3 on the Ogre Chieftain, for people not getting it free on the £60+ pledge but still wanting a one.

As I write this update, we are only £254 away from unlocking the Cannoneers and so please help keep spreading the world and pushing the total upwards.

Ogres forever.


Black Gate Miniatures

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