13 Oct 2016

TerraForms Terrain October Update

It occurred to me that I had sent out the end-of-month update for Kickstarter but I hadn't put anything on here!

So here we go - First off, big update. We had decided to re-print all of our master prototypes for molding. Long story short we weren't happy with the FDM prints and decided to use the SLA printers. A lot more expensive for us, a lot better for you guys because it gives a MUCH better print at a MUCH better resolution.

Secondly, we've begun the mold-making process! We have completed about 25% of the molds at this point, and we are on track to get casting and shipping as scheduled in November.

Lastly, we weren't in any risk from Hurricane Matthew as it bypassed us and ran North along the Eastern coast of the US. We didn't even get much rain that week!

Here's a handful of pics for the update, including things like the examples of FDM and SLA prints, a bunch more of the finished master prototypes, and some of the mold-creation process. The rest, and more, can be found on our gallery page at http://www.terraformsterrain.com/sla-prints Enjoy!

TerraForms Terrain Link no longer working

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