5 Oct 2016

New Range Of 10mm Buildings Coming Shortly

New Range Of 10mm Building Coming Shortly

10mm is my main focus at the moment and I'll be aiming at producing quite generic buildings suitable for various eras. I'm hoping to start with a small 10mm range of around 6 pieces but I'll be developing new pieces constantly. It's early days yet and I'm in the process of looking around for equipment and materials and of course a small workshop to work from. I'm hoping by the New Year I'll have product ready to sell.

10mm Russian Cottage

10mm Russian Cottage picture 1

10mm Russian Cottage picture 2

10mm Russian Cottage picture 3

10mm Ruin

10mm Ruin picture 1

10mm Ruin picture 1

Born in Stoke-on-Trent in 1964 and started my working life in the Potteries which I detested! In 1986 I became a silicone mould maker for a high class giftware manufacturer who produced really high quality hand painted resin wildlife figurines. While there i became a good friend to one of the business partners who was also the sculptor (the best in the industry in my opinion) I worked closely with him throughout my time there as it was my job to take the original wax sculpture and to figure out a way to mould it and to get it into production. I've always been artistic and drawing and painting were by far my best school subjects and the sculptor there urged me to try my hand at it. I did just that and found that I did have a knack for it and a keen eye for detail. Up until 1991 I was trained in sculpture then in the same year I was offered a position by a new company setting up in Perthshire, Scotland.  This however didn't last long as our views on quality differed greatly. At this point I set up my own business creating figurines for the giftware market and had a few successful years trading all over the World.

Towards the mid 1990's I became very disillusioned with the industry, cheap imported were flooding the market and quality was taking a back seat. I wound the business up and moved back to Stoke. Since then I created several resin wargame ranges which were ultimately sold to various companies in the US and Australia. 

As first the new range I plan to concentrate solely on scales and subject matter that interest me. I have no plans to take commission work preferring to 'do my own thing'... there's a lot of good quality scenery to wargames these days so what makes mine special? Hard to say really. I believe in quality throughout the whole process, be that the quality of the sculpting, the materials used or the production methods. I see no reason to differentiate between quality sculpted giftware and wargamers scenery. The process is exactly the same in my view.

My plan is to build a small range but this will continually be added to as the sculpting is the really enjoyable part of the whole process.

Steve Previous Work

Steve Previous Work Picture 1

Steve Previous Work Picture 2

Steve Previous Work Picture 3

Steve Previous Work Picture 4

Steve Previous Work Picture 5

Steve Previous Work Picture 6

Battlescale Wargame Buildings

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