31 Oct 2016

Another Russian Monster The KV-5 by Pendraken Miniatures

We've had this one through from one of the vehicle guys this month, a bit off the beaten track but an interesting bit of kit.  The KV-5 was a proposed super-heavy tank that never got much further than the drawing board unfortunately.  The plan was to put a 107mm gun onto an enlarged KV chassis, along with two secondary MG turrets, one in the main turret and one in the front of the hull.  The Siege of Leningrad put a stop to any further development and that was that.

This one is more a bit of fun, before everyone starts asking about why it's getting made!  We're also stockpiling a few of these 'What-If' prototype tanks for a potential 1946/Weird War range in the future.  With this, the Maus, Ratte, T-35 and a few more, there's some interesting potential there...

Another Russian Monster The KV-5

(The smaller turret fits into both the main turret and the front right of the hull.)

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