Monday, 10 October 2016

New Pledge Level and Two Add-ons Now Available from Black Gate Miniatures

So week 1 is in the books and we managed to get to over 150% funded. This mean we are well on the way to getting those Armoured Ogre Warriors unlocked at £2,000.

We have received a lot of positive press from all over the gaming community and that, together with the collective push from our backers, has created a good vibe around the project.

Meanwhile, I have given in to demands for a higher pledge level and created the "King of the North" pledge level. For £90 you will get twelve units and a pair of exclusive Black Gate D6's as a special thank you. They will be in Gemini Black/Red with Gold, for those who know the Chessex range.

Next we have two new Add-Ons, both available now.

Black Gate D6's at £1 each or £10 for twelve in either Ivory or White.
40x20mm basing packs. Laser cut 2mm MDF in packs of 50 for £3.
Finally, I have some exciting stuff planned for later this week including the concept art for the Mammoth Riders from Christian. So keep spreading the word please.

Ogres forever!


Black Gate Miniatures