4 Oct 2016

Stretch Goal rationalisation from Black Gate Miniatures

I have reworked the Stretch Goals a little.

The main reason is to get the things people have been asking me most about in the last 24 hours closer to the top of the Stretch Goal list.

The 2nd Stretch Goal at £3,000 now has two parts. The first unlocks the Cannoneer unit and the second triggers the Free Ogre Chieftain model to all pledges of Ogre Chieftain or above. I love this model and so wanted to produce it as soon as financially viable.

The second change is to the 3rd Stretch Goal at £4,000, this again has two parts now. The are both related to the Mammoth Riders and £4,000 give you access to either the unit of three riders and mounts for £10 per unit or the character rider and mount for £5. They have been moved up the list a long way, as people really wanted to see these guys, but in doing so the Mammoth Riders have moved to be a £10 add-on.

The final change is to remove the rest of the Stretch Goal for the time being. They haven't gone away for good, but I think it best to focus on what is most achievable.

Well it's been an interesting first 24 hours and a lot of fun. Ogres for ever!


Black Gate Miniatures

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