3 Jul 2019

Something CRAZY this week from Traders Galaxy

Something CRAZY this week from Traders Galaxy

Something CRAZY this week!!! The mean guy promo muhahhahaa!

So I was wondering about July promotions. There has been a bit of talk about Deceivers lately. We have the army deals but that’s not a huge one....

However when I completely rearranged the workshop last fortnight I found 5 new sets of old Mirror Warriors. Still pristine and packed. I also found a single set of v1, v3, v5, d4 and a limited Hurricane! Now the new people would have no idea what they were because they were no longer listed. The old naming system has changed.

I could melt them down.....

Or I could say that the first 5 people to spend $100au or more on only Deceivers will get a free set of old mirror warriors (d1)!!!

The first 3 people to spend $100au or more on only Valiants will get a free set of randomly selected v1,v3 or v5 Set!!!!

The first person to spend $150au or more on only Deceivers will receive the d4 Set!!!!

Now this is just for this group only. There are 3 models in each of those sets and they are worth $45au each!!! So it’s a major win if you manage to get a set.

Once they are gone they are gone. My webstore decides the order and no claims will be entertained. I suggest that if you order you post in this group to let people know. If I wake up tomorrow and they are all gone I will post to let people know. I have also added some
Qty’s on the website for Deceivers of 3s for 2.3 and 2.4 and 6s for 2.1 and 2.2 to help people gauge.

The Starter or preorders are NOT included in this promotion.

Yes if you purchase $100 of Deceivers and $100 of Valiants in time, you will get both depending if you made it in time.

No you can’t get a d1 and a d4 in a single purchase of $150. You get the d4 if available and if not, the d1.

The first purchase of $300 of non preorders will get the Hurricane. And yes you can still get the others and get the hurricane.

I am not showing the sets or the models. This is a one off people. No thread necromancy please of old models (although d4 and d1 are recent posts by people) thread Necromancy will get deleted. Also remember the number one rule of this group. Yes I know I am mean 🙂 muhahahaha. The pics of all the sets are in this group though. 🙂

Finally, this promo only lasts until the 7th of July (this Sunday) Whatever isn’t gone by then it’s in the melting pot to be reforged into something else!

P.s don’t forget dice if you want to start playing early!

P.p.s. If you have already preordered the starter set and get dice in this deal I’ll email you a free rulebook to get those games going early!

Muhahhahahahhaha!! Ack Ack Cough

Traders Galaxy

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