28 Jul 2019

Malvern's Razor from Talon Games

The Malvern's Razor, as originally designed never really felt like a "recon" CAV. So I put on my engineer hat today to see if we can fix it up a bit.

The Malverns have a lot of Razors due to their simple design, one which it based on a modular system to allow for quicker repair and to change its configuration for a specific mission-type.

The Razor (V1) is a recon model with an improved power system allowing it to carry more armor as it is designed to deploy with larger field superiority CAVs to improve overall targeting acquisition.

The Razor (V1)

The Razor (V2) is an assault CAV to be used as part of a lighter, fast reaction force or provide close in protection for a fire support squad, with its guided missiles giving it decent stand-off capabilities and maintain maximum speed at all times.

The Razor (V2)

Both cards are now up at cavhq.com and will be in the new CAV CP update coming in August.

Looking for a great little starter Attack Squad for the Malverns? Take this 2467 point force out for a spin...
Specter B
Razor V2

Talon Games

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