13 Jul 2019

Well its not Sunday yet but time for a ramble from Traders Galaxy

Well its not Sunday yet but time for a ramble

This time lets talk about the future of Traders Galaxy.

For those of you who have been with Bot War since the start (last September), you would know that Bot War went through a transitional period which culminated in April with a large sale of first ed models. Every cent of these sales and all since as well as my own money was channelled into the recreation of almost the entire range as well as the starter set. I see Bot War as still being in that transition until the starter release.

To date I havent actually made money for myself as i also have a day job for that. Instead everything has gone into the development of Bot War. A labour of love.

Also i have spoken before that I am holding Beastlords development until next year. However if the Starter Set goes well I will be looking at new Builders and Destroyer by December this year. These will complete the entire range of Deceivers that were discontinued in April plus some cool additions.

Some of you may have noticed that i am yet to put any super heavies up on the website for preorder. This is because they will be cast in resin. I am trialing a new way to do this so i can produce with some degree of efficiency these large models. If everything goes to plan I expect a September release for the first big guy...or girl.

Recently i have been showing renders of the buildings being developed. Believe me when i say that making modular building kits are really difficult. However i think we have cracked it with these. Once again these will be resin cast. I am totally unsure of the price point however my goal would be to make these as affordable as possible so everyone can experience that true Bot War 1980s tabletop.

There are a total of 3 regular city buildings with 6 possible builds. Well 12 if you count reversible roofing as well. Also there is a powerplant building, hydro generators, electricity pylons and eventually an aircraft hangar. I also plan to stock scale trees and grass tufts for convenience and have sourced these. Hopefully i can manage to price these competitively.

I also have some tools coming to the store and these will trickle through over the next few months. Starting with a pin vice drill set.
Once again just a convenience thing.
Finally i am currently researching and pricing game tokens for in game effects. Also damage counters. All these things just help enhance the Bot War gaming experience I think. Hopefully many of these will be available by December. Finally, I hope to start bringing out printed cards for each faction over time starting with Valiants. Bashers will not receive printed cards though.

With the release of the Starter Set next month i really need to get the word out there. So any help you can give is much appreciated.

Limited edition model releases will return in August. Prior to April, 4 limited edition models were made and 1 was given free each month with any purchase over $150aud. This not only increased the value for you but also really rewarded dedicated supporters of Bot War.

The August limited edition will be a as yet unseen female Valiant. An awesome model.
Very cool. She will be free in August for orders over $150aud.

Anyway long ramble.

Traders Galaxy

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