18 Jul 2019

Octo from Traders Galaxy


Octo picture 1

Octo picture 2

Octo is the first of the new wave of Atlantican Bots created by King Gills. After the discovery of Omen, King Gills’ knowledge of Bot technology has increased at an alarmingly exponential rate. While Omen still remains the most powerful single Atlantican Bot, King Gills second wave of “mud warriors” are more than just powerful individual Bots.

King Gills extensive studies of destroyer Deceiver carcasses have revealed a new form which allows his forces to meet any threat no matter how large and powerful.

Octo is the key for this new form as he forms the centrepiece of an absolutely massive new entity called Leviathan.

When the Atlantican forces need to inspire fear and dread, particularly when fighting other Bot factions they can combine together into the massive Leviathan. A hulking brute that makes all other Bots look like toddlers.

Leviathan embodies the very image of Poseidon with the destructive capabilities of a small army. Octo commands the other mud warriors forming Leviathan and is primarily responsible for the call to combine. While Omen remains overall commander of Atlantican Bot forces and is essentially a mud warrior himself, the other mud warriors are fiercely loyal to Octo because of the bond formed in Leviathan.

Traders Galaxy

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