8 Jul 2019

Work in progress - City from Traders Galaxy

Work in progress - City

Work in progress - City picture 1

Work in progress - City picture 2

Work in progress - City picture 3

Work in progress - City picture 4

So 6 buildings are completed and moving on to the power plant.

Each building is fully reversible and stackable.

So the walls have a different design on each side and the roof also.

So buying two of the same building pack will get you two styles of building or a double height building. Pretty versatile.

Each small panel is approx 40mm high x 20mm wide. Each wall on the small buildings has 9 panels. The large building has 12 panels (4 across and 3 high)

There are several doors and other details separate that can be glued along the bottom depending whether you want store fronts or residential or office etc.

Also all the walls including the roof panel can easily snap along a line to you can go to town (pun intended) with building conversions of all shapes and sizes.

I think these sets will be totally awesome and quite accurately represent a 1980s
democracy city in all its glory.

Traders Galaxy

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