12 Jul 2019

A huge thanks to everyone who has preordered the Starter Set

A huge thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the Starter Set so far. Basically your pre-orders have financed the production of the Starter itself as well as the continuing development of Bot War.

Starter Set

Starter Set

As always more pre-orders are required. Preorders fund everything from Beastlords redevelopment to workshop maintenance.

Ideally, i would prefer to avoid pre-orders however because the Starter is such a large project for me i found pre-orders necessary.

The Starter will be shipping next month (excepting any major disaster). So please pre-order this month with confidence.

For preordering, i am offering a free exclusive Broadsword Valiant character. Broadsword will be a host and i have already developed his cassette minibots. So he is a very interesting model to have in your Valiant faction.

Also, please continue to promote Bot War and this group in your games clubs. Soon i will be adding many works in progress to the website so game clubs looking over the various factions can see what will be available over the coming months.

Traders Galaxy

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