2 Jul 2019

Price Increase 2019 from TimeCast

Price Increase 2019 from TimeCast

We have held the prices of our own products and the Old Glory 15s ranges for the past three years by absorbing price increases from our suppliers and service charges. Unfortunately this can no longer be sustained. The cost of materials, services, utilities, importing (eg shipping costs and custom charges) have all increased, and more recently the change in the exchange rate of the British Pound and the US Dollar has made life even more difficult for us. We have therefore, albeit reluctantly, decided to increase our prices in July 2019.

Old Glory 15s - Commencing July 8th 2019 Standard Packs will increase to £19.00 per pack and the smaller packs will now be £9.50 per pack.

TimeCast Products - our own products will also be subject to price increase of around about 5% with the exception of the Cold War 84 figures which will be increasing by 10p per bag. The Cold War 84 vehicles will remain at the current price point, at least in the short term.

On the positive side we will be holding our prices until the week commencing 15th July and all orders placed up until this date will be charged at the present prices. This also means that the new Old Glory 15s ranges of Napoleonic figures - Late French Revolution and Early Imperial French "The Glory Years" and the Rank and File Miniatures Crimean War British - will initially be available at the current prices.


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