6 Jul 2019

New Spartan Series Models from TimeCast

We have four new British vehicles for our Cold War 84 range going into production. They will be available to order on our web site very soon.

In the meantime here is a preview new models.

New Spartan series models

The new models are:

New Spartan series models

FV103 Spartan APC
FV103 Spartan MCT (Milan Compact Turret)
FV105 Sultan Command Vehicle
FV104 Samaritan Ambulance

The models are 1/144 scale, cast in a high quality resin and with white metal components where necessary. They are fully compatible with out 10mm Cold War 84 range.

Prices still to be confirmed.

In the pipeline and on the drawing board - more US Army AFVs, SP artillery and engineer vehicles.


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