22 Mar 2018

Strategy & Tactics 310, May-Jun 2018

Strategy & Tactics 310, May-Jun 2018

American Civil War: The Civil War was the end result of a decades-long sectional rivalry driven largely, but not exclusively, by the question of slavery. The resulting conflict was a cataclysm that shook the United States to its core.

Other Articles:

  • Imperial Overreach - The Athenian Disaster on Sicily: The Peace of Nicias brought about the end of formal hostilities between Athens and Sparta in 421 BC. The peace would not last, and in 415 BC Athens embarked on an ill-fated expedition to Sicily.
  • A Merrie Chase - Montrose in Scotland 1644-1646:The First English Civil War was going badly for King Charles I in early 1644. Needing a diversion in Scotland, Charles appointed James Graham, Earl of Montrose, to reverse the course of the war.
  • Pillars of Strategic Strength - The Role of the US Merchant Marine in Global War: Analysis of the US Merchant Marine's strategic role in American conflicts.

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