2 Mar 2018

10mm Aztecs Released from Pendraken Miniatures

With the recent weather here in the UK, many of you may be considering sacrificing a close friend or family member to the fire-god Huehueteotl...  So to help you scratch that itch, we've got some Aztecs!

These have been a long-term project and are the result of endless requests, nudges and downright pestering by our Forum's own Fierce Kitty.  But credit where credit's due, he's provided all of the help and guidance as we worked through the range and his efforts have now been rewarded!

The Aztecs were a Mesoamerican culture in central Mexico from 1300 until 1521. For most of this period the various tribes fought amongst each other until the arrival of the Spanish in 1517, leading to a short period of conflict and ultimately the conquest of the indigenous population by the European colonists.


AZT1   Command

AZT1   Command

AZT2   Jaguar warriors/Tzitzimitl

AZT2   Jaguar warriors/Tzitzimitl

AZT3   Eagle warriors

AZT3   Eagle warriors

AZT4   Quachic fanatic veterans

AZT4   Quachic fanatic veterans

AZT5   Tequihuah veterans

AZT5   Tequihuah veterans

AZT6   Huaxtec warriors/Priests

AZT6   Huaxtec warriors/Priests

AZT7   Commoners

AZT7   Commoners

AZT8   Commoners with bow (15)    £2.65

AZT8   Commoners with bow (15)    £2.65

AZT9   Commoners with slings (15)   £2.65

AZT9   Commoners with slings (15)   £2.65

AZT10   Commoners with baggage (10)   £1.75

AZT10   Commoners with baggage (10)   £1.75

AZT11   Chief of Men (2)   £0.85

AZT11   Chief of Men (2)   £0.85

AZT12   Tzilacatzin, Warrior champion (1)   £0.55

AZT12   Tzilacatzin, Warrior champion (1)   £0.55

AZT13   Mixed backbanners (15 pieces)   £2.50

AZT13   Mixed backbanners (15 pieces)   £2.50

Army Pack – Contains 2 x AZT7. 1 x AZT2, AZT3, AZT4, AZT6, AZT13. ½ x AZT1 - £33.00

We've got some more releases coming soon, as well as some more previews for the Indian Mutiny range.

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