19 Mar 2018

Slingshot 316

Slingshot 316

Slingshot 316 is with the printers and should be out in about a week.

Here are the contents for this issue:

  • Battle Day Pack – Paraetacene – by Richard Lockwood
  • Paraetacene with l'Art de la Guerre – by Chris Hahn
  • Holiday in Cambodia, Part 1 – by Nicholas Spratt
  • Twilight Triumph: the Battle of Chalons – by Justin Swanton
  • Wargaming Belisarius vs the Vandals – by Simon MacDowall
  • Slingshot Reviews: Scipio Africanus – Greater than Napoleon – reviewed by Duncan Head
  • Slingshot Reviews: Pyrrhus of Epirus – reviewed by Timothy Myall
  • Slingshot Reviews: God's Wolf – reviewed by Nick Harbud
The editor is always looking for more articles, photographs and art, so feel free to contact him if you have an idea you would like to pursue.

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