22 Mar 2018

March 2018 Book Vote from Osprey Publishing Ltd

This month, our Duel series is the focus of the Book Vote! As always, there are five potential titles, and the decision is yours! Which would you like to see published? Head to the book vote to read more and have your say.

March 2018 Book Vote from Osprey Publishing Ltd

Ju 87 Stuka vs Royal Navy Carriers (1940-42) 

The Ju 87 proved to be the deadliest threat to the Royal Navy’s precious carrier force in the key air-sea action during the British evacuation operations in Norway in May 1940, off Malta and Crete in 1941 and during the Malta convoys of 1942

Mi-24 ‘Hind’ vs FIM-92 Stinger (Afghanistan 1980-89) 

The conflict in Afghanistan during the 1980s saw the first widespread use of Man-portable air-defence systems (MANPADS) against both helicopters- specifically the deadly Mi-24 ‘Hind’ – and fixed-wing aircraft

IJN vs USAAF Skip-Bombers (Southwest Pacific 1942-45) 

Skip-bombing was widely used by USAAF A-20 Havoc and B-25 Mitchell medium bomber units in the Southwest Pacific against Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) warships and merchantmen

Bristol F 2B Fighter vs Fokker Dr I (Western Front 1917-18) 

The actions fought between these two icons of the Great War involved some of World War 1’s highest scoring and most recognised aces, including Manfred von Richthofen (‘The Red Baron’), Lothar von Richthofen, Ernst Udet and Canadian Andrew McKeever   

P-47 Thunderbolt vs Ki-61 ‘Tony’ (Southwest Pacific 1943-45)

The mighty Thunderbolt was the first modern fighter issued to USAAF units in the Southwest Pacific, and its arrival in New Guinea coincided with the delivery of the sleek Ki-61 ‘Tony’ to Japanese Army Air Force units

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