9 Mar 2018

M46 Patton & M60A3 Released from Pendraken Miniatures

Our final set of releases for the week takes us into the post-war period, with the M46 Patton and M60A3 now available!

The M46 was produced after WWII as a replacement for the Pershing and Sherman tanks.  Production continued until the late 1950's and this one will prove rather handy for our upcoming Korean War range.

Jumping forward a couple of decades, the A3 variant of the M60 was developed with a number of enhancements over the A2, including smoke dischargers and turret stabilisation.  Whilst it was phased out of US service in the 2000's, this tank is still in service in several countries around the world.

Modern Vehicles

MDV59    M46 Patton      £3.50

MDV59    M46 Patton

MDV60    M60A3, 105mm     £3.70

MDV60    M60A3, 105mm

That's it for now, we've got some Naps and WWI releases coming next so keep an eye out for those!

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