27 Apr 2015

Severed Union 1861-1865

Severed Union 1861-1865

Severed Union 1861-1865 is the first release by Gordon & Hague Historical Wargames. This game is a tabletop style strategic wargame covering the American Civil War. The miniatures are 10mm in scale and come fully assembled and are pre-painted and are ready for the battlefield right out of the box!

The game is played using a turn based system utilizing our rulebook that covers everything you need to know in order to relive the greatest battles of the civil war right on your tabletop. Feel free to use our miniatures with other rulesets as well.

Over time we will be releasing new miniatures for both armies as well as civilian units. We will also be releasing an accessories line that will include buildings, fences, trees, and hobby supplies to enhance gameplay and your gaming experience.

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