17 Aug 2018

The biggest announcement for Gen Con this year was Battle For Earth

The biggest announcement for Gen Con this year was Battle For Earth

Gen Con 2018 is over, and we’re all recovered from the long weekend of gaming fun!

First and foremost we want to thank our volunteers for all of their hard work. Everyone went above and beyond the whole week and made the show and the week a tremendous success and just a huge amount of fun. We really can’t thank them enough for their help and company.

As some of you might have seen we showed off a lot of new items this year for our games. In addition to all of the new miniatures we had our (now infamous) board bundle deals available for the first time in the US – something we hope to push out to more shows Stateside in 2019.

The biggest announcement for Gen Con this year was Battle For Earth! That’s right, the Reconquest is finally making its way to humanity’s home planet in what promises to be the most epic and large-scale combat seen so far in the Drop universe. The book will be a full expansion for both Dropzone and Dropfleet and will have many new scenarios for each game and more campaign options to play both games together.

Bigger than that though, Battle For Earth will contain the full rules for the new edition of Dropzone Commander! We released these rules to public beta earlier in the year, and we’ve been refining them into a brand new, updated version of the game. If you’re interested in the beta rules, they’re available on the TTCombat webstore under the Resources tab.

That’s not all for Battle For Earth! We showed off all the Dropfleet Commander Dreadnaughts for the first time and boy are they huge. They were fresh off the 3D printer, cast specially for Gen Con, and nothing compares to seeing them in the resin. The book will contain full rules for their use, and also final rules for the Destroyers released earlier this year. Battle For Earth will also have half a dozen new units for each Dropzone Commander faction, which Dave was chatting excitedly about all weekend.

Oh and there are also big things coming for both games in Battle For Earth which we’re definitely not allowed to talk about yet!

For Carnevale players, we finally had a chance to show the game off in the US! It was incredibly well received and the demo boards were busy the whole show. Speaking of demo boards, we want to send a big thanks to Fox for making two really awesome ones for us! The night time board had constant viewers and photos, for good reason!

The Carnevale book is going off to print now, and as soon as it’s underway we’ll be able to announce a shipping date for the Kickstarter. It’s coming very soon, and then shortly after will be out to retail for anyone that didn’t get a chance to back the campaign. All of us at the office are really excited to unleash Carnevale into the wild!

The undoubted star of the show was a little fantasy wrestling game we call RUMBLESLAM! The fast-paced brawler has been to a couple of American shows this year, and we’re always blown away by the response to it. Our shelves were almost entirely empty at the end of Sunday as a ring invasion tore all the stock from the walls. Keen-eyed fans may have seen that we teased the Referees expansion. Following on from Back Alley Brawl, the box will give you five new Referees (six if you include the Werewolf that one of them turns into!), and the long-awaited rules for pinning. All you RUMBLESLAM players keep an ear open for more information coming soon.

Finally just a huge thank you to everyone that came to visit the stand, everyone that had a demo game with our amazing demoers, and of course anyone that picked up a new game to start playing! We’ll be back next year with even more goodies, and will see you all soon for more information on the new releases.


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