20 Aug 2018

Damn the Torpedoes!

Damn the Torpedoes!

Damn the Torpedoes is a fast-moving intuitive game of naval combat during the American Civil War.  Players do not need to have a nautical background to maneuver their ships, and the do not need to have degree in algebra to fire their cannons—all they need are a few miniatures (or cardboard counters) a few dice (D6 through D20), a tape measure, and a horizontal surface (4’4’ is plenty).

The rules are intended to allow friends sit down and play a fun, fast game with feel for the period, to make tactical decisions about employing their ships and reacting to the enemy’s similar decisions, while providing a satisfactory gaming experience.

The game includes rules, a reference sheet for ship captains (individual players) with information that players will find handy most turns, a reference sheet for admirals (the lead player on each side) with information that players will find handy only occasionally, a game equipment file with turning gauges, speed markers, and other useful printable items, 10 sample maps representing the coastal, estuary and river waters where the war was fought, and record sheets for 31 sample ships representing both the Union and Confederate fighting fleets.

The rule set also includes a scenario file for the Battle of Fort Henry in Western Tennessee, the first ironclad assault of the war.  This scenario set includes the historical scenario where the fort was largely damaged but flooding before the attack, as well as a “what if’ scenario where the Confederate defenders are not hampered by flooding, and may even have the support of their own gunboats.  This scenario file includes two record sheets for Fort Henry, one for Fort Heiman, and record sheets for another 7 Union and 3 Confederate vessels.

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