17 Aug 2018

Strategy & Tactics 312, Sep-Oct 2018

Strategy & Tactics 312, Sep-Oct 2018

Alesia - Last Stand of the Gauls: The campaign of 52 BC, between Vercingetorix's Gauls and Caesar's Romans, ended in an epic confrontation around the fortified town of Alesia.

Other Articles:

Hawaiian Unification - The Campaigns of Kamehameha the Great: By sheer determination, military skill, and political acumen, Kamehameha the Great united the Hawaiian Islands into a single kingdom.

Big Push - Slaughter on the Somme: The massive July 1916 Anglo-French offensive along France’s Somme River was expected to break the German line. Instead, it resulted in a bloody five-month slog causing over a million casualties on both sides.

Roger Fenton - Crimean War Photographer: One of history’s first modern war correspondents experienced the Crimean War at close range.

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